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Our Story

Dr. Andrew Royer and his wife, Christina, have attended many medical conferences in their nearly 20 years’ experience within the medical community. They began noticing that something was missing and often left conferences feeling disconnected. With a drive to make continuing education conferences fun, EyeSeaCE was founded! Soon after, they decided to blend both OD’s and MD’s together to teach and learn. Our speakers are at every EyeSeaCE event which creates many opportunities for learning, even while outside of the classroom. 

A Little About Us

EyeSeaCE is owned and operated by Dr. Andrew Royer, OD and his wife, Christina.   Dr. & Mrs. Royer grew a business after attending numerous conferences that lacked networking and inclusion of all guests with a physician. Together, they brought their passion of healthcare into the travel industry by creating a conference like no one has offered before

Optometrists and Ophthalmologists lecture to peers while learning and networking among each other. We would like to personally invite you to “Sea,” the difference! Sign up today!

Our Mission & Vision

Dr. Andrew Royer is an optometrist at Ophthalmology Associates in St. Louis, MO. Christina co-owns Sky High Travel, LLC in St. Louis, MO. Dr. Royer is our medical director and selects all speakers and educational aspects for EyeSeaCE while Christina manages all travel and event planningTogether, they travel to every conference while also selecting new locations for future conferences. Christina made it a priority to implement events for, not only the doctor, but also everyone attending with the doctor, while still making the environment cohesive for physicians to travel independently. 

Each conference is thoroughly thought through to accommodate every doctor’s preference. Please reach out if you need help finding the perfect fit with selecting a conference, room category or activities offered! We are always available and manage each reservation personally. We will “sea” you through from booking to traveling to learning and finally to heading home.

Dr. Andrew Royer

Christina Royer


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